Management of the tourist destination

Author: Stoyan Marinov


Year of issue: 2015
Publishing House: Science and Economics - Varna University of Economics

Given that the international tourism market is becoming a "buyer's market", and sharpened global competition redistributes the market shares of tourist sites, the problems of their management are becoming topical. Tourist destinations can not rely on accidental success, which is why their competitiveness is recognized as the main function of their management and marketing systems.

The subject of research in this monograph is the tourist destination, interpreted in the context of the general theory of tourism and, in particular, of tourism management.

The subject of the development is the management of the tourist destination as a fundamental spatial unit, which is the focal point of the creation of the tourist product and which manifests the diversity of tourism dimensions.

The aim of the study in the monographic work is to systematize the theoretical and practical-applied aspects of the management of the tourist destination for its sustainable development.

The goal is achieved by solving the following research tasks:

· Defining the tourist destination in the tourism system and conceptualizing itself as a system;

· Clarify the nature of the management of the tourist destination and the benefits of it;

· Process-content systematization of analysis and planning as main functions of destination management;

· Presentation of the main aspects of the management of the tourist destination - marketing, product development, quality management of visitor experience, positioning and branding of the destination, use of the new information technologies in the development of the destination;

· Clarification of the institutionalization and organizational framework of the management of the tourist destination;

· Modeling the research and management of the competitiveness of the tourist destination;

We are confident that the present work will be useful both to scientists dedicated to tourism theory and to the specialists involved in the management of the tourist destination.